Mass Schedule from April 6th through April 28th:

(Includes Sacred Paschal Triduum)

Weekend of 4/6 to 4/7:  

Mass:       Sat,  4:30        Sun,  8:30_          Sun,  10:30                                  

Lector:     Granito           Jarosh                  Zebny     

EM #1:    Stark                Deacon Bill          Barrett-Dimmer                                          

EM #2:    Meeks             Van Dyke            Werly                

EM #4:    Haskins           Justice                  O’Donnell               

EM #5      O’Neill            Justice                  Zebny                                             

Weekend of 4/13 to 4/14:  Palm Sunday

Mass:      Sat, 4:30         Sun, 8:30             Sun, 10:30

Lector:    Lindblom        Lambrecht           Marzella

(In addition to the regular Readings, each lector will also read

the part of the Voice (V) during the ‘Passion of Our Lord’.

Christ – Father;  Narrator – Deacon Bill; Voice – Lector; Crowd – Congregation)

EM #1:    Stross              Lester                   Jaunich         

EM #2:    Deacon           Deacon                 Deacon

EM #4:    Wirtz               Simpson               Rodriquez

EM #5:    Lindblom        Simpson               Gomes

Holy Thursday, April 18th (Mass of the Lord’s Supper:  6:00 Mass                                                             

Lector:     Scott          

EM #1:     Barrett-Dimmer

EM # 2:    Wirtz                                

EM #4:     Ostrander

EM #5:     Effert                                            

Good Friday, April 19th:  5:00 Mass 

Lectors:  Kevin and Sally Healy (Lectors and ‘The Passion’)   

EM # 1:   Vadas                          

EM #2:   Jaunich

EM #4:   McKenna                    

EM # 5:  Miller

Holy Saturday, April 20th

The Easter Vigil in the Holy Night:

Mass:      Saturday, 8:15

Lectors:  Hughes (Genesis); Donah (Exodus); LaVigne (Isaiah); Granito (Epistle)                                   

EM #1:    Stark                         

EM #2:    Deacon Bill                 

EM #4:    Stross             

EM #5:    Haskins        

Easter Sunday, April 21st:

Mass:      Sun, 8:30              Sun, 10:30

Lector:    Perkins                 Lane

EM #1     Traweek               Barrett-Dimmer

EM #2:     Deacon               Deacon        

EM #4:     Lester                  Werly   

EM #5:     Vadas                  Burnett

Weekend of 4/27 to 4/28:

Mass:     Sat, 4:30         Sun, 8:30         Sun, 10:30

Lector:    Wallis             Jacobs               Wysocki

EM #1      Pettit             VanDyke           Jaunich

EM #2:    McKenna       Miller                Perkins       

EM #4:    Haskins          Ostrander         Gomes  

EM #5:    Stross             Wesorick           O’Donnell