Weekend of 12/15 to 12/16:

Mass:      Sat, 4:30         Sun, 8:30              Sun, 10:30

Lector:     Healy              Jacobs                   Inman        

EM #1:     Stross             Traweek               Jaunich         

EM #2:     Deacon          Deacon                 Deacon  

EM #4:     Sofranko        Ramos                 O’Donnell

EM #5:     Sofranko        Ramos                 Gomes

Weekend of 12/22 to 12/23:

Mass:       Sat, 4:30        Sun,  8:30            Sun, 10:30

Lector:     Lindblom       Jarosh                  Wysocki                          

EM #1:     O’Neill           Piazza                   Ostrander         

EM #2:     McKenna      Wesorick              Jaunich                 

EM #4:     Haskins         Vadas                    Gomes

EM #5:     Lindblom      Vadas                    Zebny

Christmas Eve, 12/24 on Monday
Mass:                         3:00 Mass                            6:00 Mass
Sacristan:                 LaPlantes                             Denvers
Altar Servers:           Stross brothers                  Bill Denver
Lector:                       Marzella                               Healy
EM #1:                       Piazza                                   Meeks
EM #2:                       Miller                                    Traweek
EM #4:                       Sofranko                               Haskins
EM #5                        Sofranko                                Effert

Christmas Day, 12/25 on Tuesday:
Mass:                          8:30 Mass                            10:30 Mass
Sacristan:                  Ostrander                             Wysocki
Altar Server:              Ostrander                            Madison (not confirmed)
Lector:                       Jarosh                                    Perkins
EM #1:                         Wirtz                                   Barrette
EM #2:                         Deacon Bill                        Deacon Bill
EM #4:                       Justice                                   McCaffrey
EM #5:                       Justice                                   Gomes

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day:
Mass:                         12/31 at 6:00                             1/1 at 9:30
Sacristan:                 Wallis                                          Denvers
Altar Server:             not confirmed                           Denver
Lector:                        Scott                                          LaVigne
EM #1:                       Jacobs                                        Jaunich
EM #2:                      Jacobs                                         Piazza
EM #4:                      Lester                                         Justice
EM #5:                      O’Neill                                        Justice

Weekend of 12/29 to 12/30:

Mass:       Sat, 4:30        Sun, 8:30             Sun, 10:30

Lector:     Marzella        Iannucci               Granito

EM #1      O’Neill            Lester                   Inman

EM #2:     Wirtz              Effert                    Jaunich        

EM #4:     Simpson        Miller                   Burnett  

EM #5:     Simpson        VanDyke              Zebny   

If you haven’t already, please let me know if you are not available to serve in November and December – especially during the holidays.  As you can see below, in the next two months, we will all have plenty of opportunities to serve our LORD as lectors, Ems, ushers, Offering counters, altar servers and Sacristans.  On that note, I would like to welcome two new lectors for the 4:30 Mass – Sandy Marzella and Susan Higgins!!  Please let me know of any parishioners that are interested in serving during Mass, or you can call the office.

Here is a listing of our November/December Mass days:

November 1st, Holy Day of Obligation (All Saints Day, Thursday)
November 3rd and 4th are regular weekend Masses
November 10th and 11th are regular weekend Masses
November 17th and 18th are regular weekend Masses
November 22 is Thanksgiving
November 24th and 25th are regular weekend Masses
December 1st and 2nd are regular weekend Masses
December 8th and 9th are regular weekend Masses
December 15th and 16th are regular weekend Masses
December 22nd and 23rd are regular weekend Masses
December 24th, Monday, is Christmas Eve (two Masses)
December 25th, Tuesday, is Christmas Day (two Masses)
December 29th and 30th are regular weekend Masses
December 31st, Monday, is New Years Eve
January 1st, Tuesday, is New Year’s Day